Please review the page titled Noirlac Research Residency for ongoing updates and information about the project. 

I am not a regular blogger, so the updates will be sporadic,  however I am interested if you would like to add comment or if you also have inspiration to share! 

The project is open for comment and input and I would love other artistic responses.

Please see the link to the Abbaye for some background, it is in French, I can fill you in on some details if you have specific questions.

France via Hongkong and lots of waiting

I have made my way to France for the beginning of the Inhabit Residency. The journey was long with a 5hr stop over in Hongkong so I am just beginning to land in this time zone.

I will post a few pictures taken on route to the France in this post.

I will create a separate page for my project at Abbaye Noirlac see tabs on home page.

The weekend I arrived a fantastic artist group ZUR where presenting their research for a performance in May 2012

The work was presented in most of the buildings of the Abbaye and the work was an encounter with the poetics of the space, it enchanted audiences with kinetic sound and light pieces that entranced and enlivened curiosity.

What a wonderful way to venture within the Abbaye and begin the residency ..... now what can I do...