Cold Light : Exhibition

Dates: 15 September to 24 October 2010

Opening September 16th: 6-8pm
to be opened by Martin Paten
Director of Castlemaine State Festival.

Venue: Latrobe Visual Arts Centre
121 View St , Bendigo, VIC
Contact: Paul Northam
Tel: +61 3 5441 8724

'Shadows are a corset for light. When forms emerge unknown they dance on our field of perception, igniting imaginary landscapes and projections of desire.' Tara Gilbee

'Cold Light' is a series of photographic images that utilise the refractive qualities of light, manipulated through lens and mirrors, to distort and transform the materials at hand.

The shadowy imprints explore a psychological landscape. Traversing the beauty of dark looming shapes while seeping into watery fields of the unconscious. Dream like visual fields mesmerize and draw the viewer into a liminal field of possibilities.

opening images: