velvet light series I

Digital prints on clear perspex or mirror 2004: 40cm x 40cm.

In this work I aimed to dissolve audience inhibition by gently and subtly calling them towards reflections and refraction of light so they became enmenshed within the network of reflected and projected imagery. The images on the clear perspex projected onto the walls like slides, at first it appears hard to discern where the image is coming from as the horizontal plane of the clear perspex image is hidden from the eye and only the shadow play on the wall is evident. Then when investigating the clear boxes, the mirror at the base absorbs the image and projects it downward and within the supporting base, to appear like a hole.

As the audience explores the work they also find themselves within it. The photographs work as a complimentary engagement with the other materials. The mirror makes illusion and reality interchangeable, creating uncanny spaces in which to observe the image. The photographs are clearer in the mirror than they are as a surface to observe. The projected content is easier to explore, while trying to observe detail on the actual image becomes very difficult, it shimmers and changes, interacts with the surrounds and the observer.