velvet light series III

Digital images on perspex and mirror 2004: Images 80 x80cm mirror dimensions variable.

This is the largest and most complex in the velvet light series. It has been difficult to represent in documentation, as the manner in which it interacts with the surrounding space and its own image, making it illusive. A door was removed from the back of the window space (10mt wide +3mt high) and covered to allow only the 80 cm hole in which a mirror box inverted into the next space behind the wall. Then mirror ran vertically along the wall to meet the two large images that were sitting at right angles from the wall.

As people walked past the installation they became part of it, as did the passing transport and weather patterns of the day. The image shimmered and interacted within the box where the female image was placed and outside where the two males where. The triptych then darkened and flattened at night, the internal box receded and from a distance looked like a flat dark surface. The external images became faded under the brighter lights but projected large shadows of themselves on to the walls, spreading across the space.