Cold Light : Exhibition

Dates: 15 September to 24 October 2010

Opening September 16th: 6-8pm
to be opened by Martin Paten
Director of Castlemaine State Festival.

Venue: Latrobe Visual Arts Centre
121 View St , Bendigo, VIC
Contact: Paul Northam
Tel: +61 3 5441 8724

'Shadows are a corset for light. When forms emerge unknown they dance on our field of perception, igniting imaginary landscapes and projections of desire.' Tara Gilbee

'Cold Light' is a series of photographic images that utilise the refractive qualities of light, manipulated through lens and mirrors, to distort and transform the materials at hand.

The shadowy imprints explore a psychological landscape. Traversing the beauty of dark looming shapes while seeping into watery fields of the unconscious. Dream like visual fields mesmerize and draw the viewer into a liminal field of possibilities.

opening images:

Link to collaborative work with Lauren Berkowitz

The Australian Video Art Archive (AVAA) was established in 2006. Its aims are to:

•continue building an on-line video archive and a research collection of new and historical Australian video and performance art works,
•to allow researchers to borrow the material for educational, research and exhibition purposes, and
•to transfer old video or film artworks to a digital format to conserve the work and thus assist in the conservation of a significant genre of Australian art history.
Currently, the collection contains some seminal works by prominent Australian artists. This collection will continue to expand and we are accepting submissions to consider for inclusion.

The archive is the first program of its kind in Australia and has been established with generous assistance from the Faculty of Art & Design, Monash University with the involvement of Prof. Anne Marsh, Matthew Perkins and Elena Galimberti.

New Exhibition at Saxony

This exhibition displays a set of large A1 images, from my new series Cold Light.

It will be launched Monday 12th July and run for 6 weeks.

At the New Saxony store in World Square Sydney

The art and the fashion intersect with the season’s inspiration.
Spring Summer 2010’s theme is:

“In spite of its function as a reservoir for human darkness or
perhaps because of this- the shadow is the seat of creativity.” Carl Jung

Review in Realtime

This link (click on title of post) takes you to a great article on the Inhabit Project 2010 that i was part of:

It starts as

......"In-habit was an exceptional, inventively curated month-long series of 11 performance, live art and installation works situated in and around the Abbottsford convent. Involving nine key artists, more than a dozen associate artists and numerous participants, these artworks emerged out of a collective residency at the convent established by artistic director Jude Anderson exploring site/place/space and cultural exchange".......

Barry Laing is a Melbourne-based performance maker and writer who teaches at Victoria University and Monash University. He is an Associate Editor of Theatre, Dance and Performance Training Journal, Routledge, UK.

RealTime issue #96 April-May 2010 pg. 33

I'm dreaming of a french meadow

Inhabit : I’m Dreaming of a French Meadow.
Jude Anderson

Installation: Thur 25th – Sun 28th Feb, 12pm – 5pm
Live performance: Fri 26th Feb 8.30pm Cedric Peyronnet & Jacques Soddell
Venue: Dormitory Two, Rosina Building, Abbotsford Convent, 1 St Heliers St, Abbotsford

At the Abbotsford Convent there’s a place called the French Meadow where plants run free. From the Convent dormitories where girls once slept in disciplined rows between the strict folds of white cotton sheets, you catch glimpses of the French Meadow. It’s a tempting, gay abandon in this place of precise sleep patterns. In I’m Dreaming of a French Meadow, Jude Anderson in collaboration with photomedia artist Tara Gilbee invites you to a field of reverie; a dormitory now filled with secret gardens where the field recordings of sound artist Jacques Soddell and those of French sound artist Cedric Peyronnet float from each bed and weave through the shifting sleep patterns of an imagined cosmos. A waft of the wild in the girls’ dorm.


I’m Dreaming of a French Meadow combines an installation with a live performance that brings Peyronnet and Soddell together for a combined field recordings concert.

The installation draws inspiration from the French notion of ‘le jardin secret’ - an undisclosed place of desire or escape, along with the garden beds and secrets of the Abbotsford Convent, and the garden beds tended by the immigrant and refugee gardeners of the Atherton Community Gardens.

Associated artists: Tara Gilbee, Cedric Peyronnet, Katie Sfetkidis, Jacques Soddell.

Digital still: Tara Gilbee 2009

In Situ
Jude Anderson & Emilie Collyer
Dates and times: 3rd February – 21st Feb
Launch Wed 3rd Feb 6-8pm
Then Wed – Sun 10am – 5pm
Venue: c3 Gallery, Abbotsford Convent, 1 St Heliers St, Abbotsford

In-Habit In Situ: Instant Actions
In October 2008 an open invitation went out to over 3,000 artists (via the Melbourne International Arts Festival Card Holder scheme, Regional Arts Victoria and the City of Yarra). The invitation was to attend a tour of the Abbotsford Convent, particularly to buildings that, at the time, were in a state of ‘pre-renovation’ and/or not open to the general public.

After the tours, each artist was invited to return to the Convent during 2009 and undertake an ‘Instant Action’. This could take whatever form the artist chose and would extend for approximately 15 minutes. We asked each artist to document their Instant Action. The documentation is being presented as part of the In-Habit In Situ exhibition at c3 Gallery from 3rd – 21st February 2010.

28 artists elected to perform Instant Actions. Of these, 10 artists carried out their Instant Actions and 8 provided documentation.

Punctum associated artists have also contributed to the Instant Action documentation and exhibition.

In Situ Instant Actions: Artworks and Artists
The laundry - berni m janssen (DVD)
The material and the liminal - Kate Hunter (DVD)
Song cycle for a shadow - Rachael Guy, David Churchill, Andy Jackson (Video & audio recording)
Signs of life/Wish you were here - Amy Tsilemanis (Photographs and Audio recording)
Laundry - Smiljana Glisovic (DVD)
Sacred Heart - Daniel Armstrong (DVD)
koorie~konduit~2010 - Scott Lyon (Print – typography and illustration)
In-Habit: vestiges of research - Artwork by: Jason Maling, Tara Gilbee and
William Head

Digital still: Tara Gilbee 2009

For more in depth information on this extensive research residency into cultural exchange please visit:

New Works

This is a preview of works currently being undertaken in the studio and on travels. This folio of work is a continuation of my exploration of photographic means of transforming objects, utilising the mechanical modes of lens refraction and projection, i manipulate images in camera via a number of distortions.