Deluge: Tara Gilbee and Andrew Goodman

Installation with sound track, video, light projections and sculpture.

Deluge was an immersive sound and video project that refered to the anticipation of water and its effect of taking over, temporarily transforming and overwhelming the space or body. It implied a threshold, a transitional state, or a border that can be crossed to another space, place, time or state of being.

The installation drew on a sense of wonder and awe to create elevated feelings of a ephemeral dreamlike state. The work transformed the site ( ICU Castlemaine) into a space that seemed otherworldly – into an hallucinatory portal or threshold, a ‘magical’ secret space. Engaging a dynamic interplay between the underbelly of the building and an imaginary spirit world.
The video work installation revolved around the psychological qualities of eerie but intriguing spaces often utilised in animation and films.

The installation referenced science fiction, anime and Japanese horror films in which the underworld and lurking forces within dark spaces act as an embodiment of the subconscious. These films often exploit an Animist view of the world – where inanimate objects have spirits or a life force within. The building begins to come to life as it oozes water, suggesting a presence in the space.

For a number of years I have worked with Andrew Goodman on a number of proposals and projects.This project Deluge concludes that collaborative work and relationship.