the light inside is eternal

B&W Polaroids 1998-99: 10 X 15cm

This series of images is quite extensive. During a self initiated artist residency at the Royal Melbourne Hospital, I worked on art which responded to both the site and activity of the site. I had close association with the place as I had trained to be a nurse at the hospital in 1988 for three years. I wanted to create work that impressed the internal nature of transition through the space. I exposed aspects of the architecture to create a sense of analogy to the body and the people within as shadowy figures moving through its caverns.

The medium circumvented clarity and this then distinguished an emotive polarity, with all the light source sketching an outside world from which each person had transited from. Its only outside in which time passes, in the Hospital the mechanisms of its activities never cease and the light is eternally fluorescent. In visiting or working the nature of the hospital is distinct and separate to that which continues on further from its borders.